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Climb N​owra

Nowra is World famous for Rock Climbing

Terms & Conditions

Conditions MUST be read, FULLY discussed with a Climb Nowra representative and FULLY understood by ALL Clients prior to any bookings being made or accepted by Climb Nowra.

Clients will sign, Date and Print their Names in the space provided on a printed copy of this document as being evidence of their understanding and acceptance of ALL of the Conditions of Booking and their implications

Climbing is a dangerous (injury) potentially life threatening practice

Being affected by Drugs and/or Alcohol is not tolerated Cancellation of the Adventure at the Clients expense will apply


Climb Nowra Website content including photography and ALL other marketing and/or advertising materials copyright Rob Crow - Climb Nowra 2013 ©

No part (inc. photographs) of Climb Nowra Website and/or ALL Intellectual Property created by and utalised by Climb Nowra may be reproduced in any format (electronic or otherwise) for any reason by any party without prior written consent from Rob Crow - Climb Nowra

Bookings will ONLY be accepted from individuals who FULLY accept the risks involved in Climbing and understand the risks that they are intending to responsibly experience by participating in Climbing Adventures.

Please FULLY discuss the implications with your Climb Nowra representative prior to signing a copy of this document and before making any bookings

CURRENT Offers –Book a "First Climb" Adventure for yourself and 2 additional friends and you climb free

Available for a limited time. Introductory 3 for the price of 2 ONLY available when booked and paid in the one transaction

(minimum of 3 Clients 1 being FREE)

Transfers - Included Package transfers are from a 2541 Postcode location ONLY and are included in small group bookings ONLY to a maximum of 4 Clients. Transfers from other areas will incur additional fees and/or may NOT be available at all.

Age – Generally 16 years old to ancient (active) people will get the most from an outdoor Climbing Adventure. Should children be included (by Climb Nowra) who are under 16 years old a Parent or Guardian MUST sign a Permission slip (in addition to all Climb Nowra paperwork) and attend the event.

We prefer that any participant under the age of 18 be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian

Ask about Climb Nowra’s Coaching Indoor Program for young people.

Climbing activities are Weather Dependant – Every effort will be made by Climb Nowra to re-negotiate an appropriate convenient (to ALL parties) time to re-stage booked and paid Adventures. Failing this a FULL refund will be offered

Climb Nowra cares for the environment. All rubbish and/or waste will be collected and carried out from any Climb location by the Climb Group

Climb Nowra unreservedly maintains the right to refuse bookings and/or service at ALL times to any individual regardless of circumstances (including and not limited to) fully booked and fully paid clients prior to and DURING events without explanation.

Climb Nowra Guides instructions must be obeyed/followed at ALL times by Clients (Service refusal and/or cancellation of booked adventure at the Clients expense may apply).

In the event that a Climb Nowra Adventure is cancelled by a Guide (and/or any representative of Climb Nowra for any reason) a FULL refund will be offered when the cancellation occurs prior to transfer to the Climb location. A 50% refund will apply where the Individual Client and/or Climb Group have arrived at the Climb location as the Adventure will be considered to have commenced

No Shows by Client/s will NOT be refunded or transferred to another date

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice (SMS is acceptable and preferred by Climb Nowra out of business hours) will be charged at 50% of the booked value of the Adventure

Gear – Climb Nowra reserve the right to check and potentially refuse to use or sanction the use of ANY and ALL Equipment brought by Clients to a Climb Nowra Climbing Adventure

Personal Possessions - Clients bring their possessions to any Climbing event at their own risk. Climb Nowra does not accept responsibility for damage or loss of personal possessions

Special Considerations (Personal & Medical) - Clients MUST talk to the Climb Nowra representative prior to any bookings being accepted revealing & detailing any and ALL pre-existing Medical history including previous and/or current injuries, previous and/or current Medical conditions (inc. Heart, Stroke, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Allergies, Sight, Hearing, Behaviour, Psychiatric and/or Emotional conditions) and/or ANY other Physical/Medical condition that could be reasonably expected to impact upon the individuals ability to participate.

Any and ALL prescribed Medications (inc. So called alternative therapies) MUST be disclosed prior to any booking being accepted. Every effort will be made to accommodate Physical and/or Medical disclosures.

Failure to disclose any of the above Booking Conditions prior to Booking & Payment will result in Cancellation of the Adventure at the Clients expense (NO REFUND APPLIES)

ABN 86 127 889 426

Climbing is a dangerous (injury) potentially life threatening practice